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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Google Imagery

People who are into molecular biology, EPR spectroscopy, and computational chemistry to discover mechanisms of enzyme catalysis apparently also like Google. And squirrels. Don’t ask me. And this is supposed to be a Google car. And check the wizards of Google (creators of the original Google storage), Barney Google, Google eyes, and the Google party. Much more photographs at Google Inc’s Google Dance 2002 image gallery.

T-Online Gets Back Overture

Some companies are switching to Google quicker than their contract allows. German telecom giant T-Online dropped Overture/ FAST in favor of Google, but now a court decision is forcing them to switch back to how things used to be.

Cari Google Languages

You can volunteer to help translate Google in your language. Currently there are over 140 languages available, the latest being Google Malaysia’s Bahasa Melayu according to TheStar Online.
At Google, you can check how much of a given language is already translated. Interestingly enough, translation progress leader Germany scores 114% completion for the Google translation into German. (Whatever that might mean – and in the alphabetical list, Germany’s at a more considerate 100%.)

By the way, “cari” means “search” in Bahasa Melayu, as in “Jalan jalan cari makan”... going to look for food.


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