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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Google Birthday Logo

The Google Birthday Logo is now online, passing on Googleplex celebration mood after Google turned five years old this Sunday. You can see a birthday cake with five candles, a lot of Google-colored confetti around, a party hat, and the Google-"L” turned into “5” – that’s Goo5le for you, and we’re cheerfully awaiting 6oogle and say congratulations.


Simple Google: Google Palm

Try for an even simpler Google. (Link via Abakus.)

Nice try. But actually, that’s what (X)HTML Strict would be good for – separation of structure and layout for the simplest HTML which yet looks as complex, flashy and colorful as needed, depending on the Stylesheet the medium demands. Google Handheld, Google Print, Google Text-to-Speech, Google Screen, Google Whatever – that’s what CSS and HTML purism is all about. And no one would need to remember another URL.

Google News Italy

Yet another addition to Google News: Italy.

Google News Italy


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