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Monday, September 15, 2003

Orlowski Continues: Googlephilia

Mr. Andrew Orlowski’s at it again in Google – the only archive we’ll ever need? (The Register, 15/09/2003). While Google is busy marketing itself as something “light and fluffy”, the general public “is not stupid, and is now reaching for the [Internet] off switch”. All others repeat after me: “We trust the democratic, bottom-up, blog-building, link-loving nature and integrity of Google’s PageRank system”.
(Link via Google News Alert email.)

Domain Check Tool

Using the Google Web API, I built a Domain Checker tool. It’s similar to the Domain Count from some days ago. It will check several keywords you provide (separated by a comma) on different top-level-domains and tell you the top-result. If the site is not indexed in Google, an alert is show; the URL might still be available.
E.g. you can check for “google,search” (result pre-calculated) and you read “The domain seems to be unused”. (Clicking on the “info” will take you to a registrar for this TLD.)

For another domain-checker tool, I was thinking about finding out the synonyms for a given keyword pair. So that you could enter e.g. “blog-tower” and it would automatically check “blogtower”, “logcastle”, “weblog-tower” and so on. I might be able to make use of Microdoc’s Google-synonym-finder algorithm, as previously blogged here.


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