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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Google Serves Hot Pizza

Ever queried Google for “pizza"? Blogging googler Capt. Cornelius did.
Like him, you might get surprisingly saucy results to wet your appetite: a porn site. The page in question occupies the number 1 spot looking for German content; in a worldwide search, it ranks in at position 25.
The address of the page is This should show how important a keyword in the URL can be: whenever someone links to the site using just the URL, the keywords “www”, “pizza”, “online” and “de” are attached to the page.

Google Labs News: Search by Location

Google Labs cooked up a new tool, probably following the idea of the last programming contest winner. Google Search by Location lets you search for any terms restricted to a certain area within the USA.
You can give the US address, city & state, or zip – e.g. 123 Main Ave, 94043 or Dallas, TX or 94043.
(Via Abakus SEO Blog.)


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