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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Searching for Mac Googlers

What do you get when you search for “Toolbar” on Google Mac? That’s right, Gopple, a petition to bring the Google Toolbar to the Mac. [Via Google-Blog-Dirson.]

Now here’s a feature I want on Windows – even faster than a toolbar: press Caps-lock and everything you type will be googled (finally a real use for that key).

Rejected Google Holiday Logos

The page is a bit older already but I think I never got around to link to it, so in case you didn’t see it: a lot of funny Google logo variations at The Google-font is supposed to be Catull.

All My Google Web API Tools

[Tapping the Web Brain]

Here’s an overview of all the Google Web API tools I’ve written for this blog so far (some of them are unstable or don’t work reliable, others work good enough to be of some use, or entertainment):

Google Your Own Keyword Variations

By popular request (OK, one comment was enough), I’m making the Keyword Variation Googler public for the time being. Here’s the result for “googlo” like presented in my previous post.


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