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Monday, October 20, 2003

Google, Foogle, Toogle...

The Google brand is so popular you can find pretty much any combination of its first letter replaced with another:

Funny Hats, Mystical Google

“Mystical experience is the intersection of transcendent wisdom and a funny hat. Being inducted into the 22nd Circle of the Masonic Rite, in the inner chamber, with mystic chants, holy incense, and the funny hat, puts you into the proper cognitive space to receive the secrets of the ascended masters. As the adepts intone the ancient rhyme, your psyche recognizes the presence of an opportunity to ascend and trips you into the mystic-experience body-stone that makes you hungry for more. It’s the funny hat that does it.

That same Wisdom as scanned and OCRed text found via a Google search, accompanied by wry commentary that milks the ancient rhyme for cheap laughs, ain’t gonna lift you into any mystic ecstasies.”
– Cory Doctorow, The Rapture of the Geeks - Funny Hats, Transcendent Wisdom, and The Singularity [PDF], from the yet unpublished Spring 2003 issue of Whole Earth*

*Whole Earth is the successor of the Whole Earth Catalog, first published in 1968 by Stewart Brand, originally inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller’s vision. Also see the Whole Earth Millenium Catalog.


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