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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Amazon Inside Search, Mooter Cluster Search, Crawler Alert

Now you can search inside books at Amazon. This is quite a large new data pool that’s added to the WWW. Any search result will now include special quotes straight from a book page. If you want to read the full-page, you need to log-in to Amazon using your user-name. I searched for “Google"*, and it worked as expected.

*By the way, I just saw you can read an interview with Larry Page (a digital item at Amazon).

The bad thing about OCR is that it won’t correctly recognize non-Dictionary terms; you can look for “Neil Caiman” and you get results with Amazon Inside Search (in case you wonder, that ought to be “Gaiman” – capital “G” and “C” look quite similar).


What’s else is new in the search world? (Also collected from this blog’s search engine news, which joins headlines from different Google blogs together.)


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