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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Egobrowser 2

A while ago I accidentally deleted the Egobrowser application. I now rewrote it taking a new approach.
Using the Google Web API, Egobrowser 2 will collect information on any person and present it as overview. This time around, instead of just “person x is”, it will also collect information from pages using “person x has”, “can”, “was”, and so on.* (Also, this time I merged Egobrowser with Amazon Web Services to display related books.)

*I got some inspiration from the book “Memory, Thinking and Knowledge” (by Judith Greene); even though the author presents concepts of knowledge stored in the human brain, similar concepts can be applied to knowledge stored in the “Web brain”. One concept is that of knowledge-slots like “has”, “is a”, “is owned by” representation. Another is a more hierarchical semantic model of categories (like “canary” which belongs to “bird”, which belongs to “animal”), where each node carries its defining specifics.

You can try the new Egobrowser yourself by entering the name of any person, like “Da Vinci”, “Donald Duck”, “Bill Gates” – or your own name:


This tool grabs pages from all domains. I found that restricting the search to educational domains using the “” operator restricts the result to a more serious approach, but also takes out some of the fun.

Googling Page & Brin

Here’s Egobrowser’s result for Google-creators Larry Page & Sergey Brin:

Larry Page was google’s founding ceo and grew the compa- ny to more than 200 employees and profitability before moving into the role of president, products. Larry Page had a 32-yard td run, vance mathis ran 28 yards for a touchdown and antrell turner had a 2-yard touchdown run for taylorsville. Larry Page went to u. Larry Page is intrigued by ’blogs “blogs are a social phenomenon. Larry Page has moved. Larry Page said the company was basing its venture on the financial and business model of major canadian wine company vincor international. Larry Page was a budding record producer who had found success with the kinks recording of ’you really got me’.”
– Egobrowser

Sergey Brin is the president and co-founder of the search engine google, which was set up in 1998 interview by victor keegan thursday. Sergey Brin said he’s still casually debating the pros. Sergey Brin was in the audience. Sergey Brin is finding that purity just doesn’t scale. Sergey Brin said tuesday. Sergey Brin was asking at. Sergey Brin had begun collaboration on a search engine called backrub, named for its unique ability.”
– Egobrowser


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