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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Create Your Own Bot

At PandoraBots, you can create your own chat-bot within some minutes. Register, train the bot, and publish it. The bot is based on the A.L.I.C.E./ AIML* community effort inspired by the work of Dr. Richard Wallace. Alicebot won the Loebner Prize – a sort of modern-day Turing test competition – two times in a row.

Now here’s my bot Webrain. He knows a bit about topics I talk about on this blog, like Google.

*AIML is short for Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language.

Google-Gaga (Google Going Public)

From the German Frankfurter Rundschau a new spin on the Google IPO (my translation):

“If you’re using Google to look for “sheer madness”, you get around 75,800 results. Including such pearls as the movie from 1983 at Amazon, or a funky boutique offering provocative lingerie for the daring and confident. Google itself is not included in the results.

That must be a bug in the application. Because what Google co-creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin have in mind is nothing but sheer madness: they want to go public with their company. And not by taking the normal route (banks). Rather, they want to sell shares via an online auction. Taken on its own, that’s already sensational. Even moreso considering the price that’s being whispered by those in the know: around 15 to 25 Billion bucks should be cashed in.”
– Mario Müller, Google-Gaga (Frankfurter Rundschau Online), 10/25/2003

Same day, different source:

“A proposed flotation of the internet search engine, Google, could see the company face tough questions about privacy issues troubling some web activists.

The search engine is said to be close to selling shares in itself for the first time, a deal that could raise anything between $15 billion and $25 billion.

A float could put the spotlight on issues that until now have been mainly restricted to the nether regions of the web, where conspiracy theorists and computer geeks meet.”
– Simon English, Google float may make it a target of Net activists, 10/25/2003

Google Games in Discover Magazine

Scott Kim proposes 3 Google-games in the Discover magazine (Bogglers: Been Searchin’ – What to do with Google when you’re bored, Discover Vol. 24 No. 11/ November 2003). The games are: Needle in a Haystack, Pick a Number, and In Other Words.

Google Book Database

“ has begun discussions with book publishers to compile a searchable database of the contents of thousands of volumes, a publishing executive briefed on the project said Monday.”
– David D. Kirkpatrick, Google looks at compiling a massive book database (The New York Times/, October 29, 2003


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