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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Re: Nestlé Buys Google, or Google News Indexes Humor

In reply to my previous post on the Nestlé buys Google story:

“I’m the author of the Nestle buys Google story. NewsForge isn’t a humour site per se, but we do post satire pieces on occasion, and they are clearly marked as ’Humor’. The rest of the time, NewsForge is completely serious.”
– David Graham (via email), 4 Nov 2003

Tony Perkins Writes Google Book

Tony Perkins wants to write a book on Google and asks for help:

“I have just decided to write a book about Google. When I finished my last book, The Internet Bubble, with my brother Michael, I can remember thinking, ’Damn! I¬íll never do that again!’

Writing a book is a very painful experience. And frankly, the only way I can pull this off under a tight deadline (I want it out before Google goes public), is to write it with AlwaysOn members."
– Tony Perkins, Googling Google (AlwaysOn), 11.05.03


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