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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Kurdish Google

This is Google in Kurdish. I think.

Interface Hall of Shame

What set Google apart when it had it’s big break-through? First, great search results. And second; a great interface. When others were suffering portalitis, Google was uncluttered, ad-free, quick, simple and direct (luckily, it managed to stay that way). The Interface Hall of Shame features an amusing gallery of what can go wrong when designing applications.

[ ] Male, [ ] Female, or [x] Male and [x] Female?

Now here’s a simple web-page simplicity-of-design test: save screenshots of sites, convert them to black-and-white GIF images, and sort the folder content by size. As a rule-of-thumb, the simpler the layout, the higher the compression (and therefore, the smaller the size of the resulting image).
The top 3 for major search-engines are Teoma, Google, and WebCrawler. The worst compression goes to Infoseek and MSN. (Note this test is by no means objective, as GIF compression is not a true comparison of interface complexity!)


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