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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Google Thanksgiving Logo

[Turkey in Google Logo]

Google-blog.dirson reports on the Thanksgiving 2003 Logo. Abakus notes Yahoo and AskJeeves got theirs, too.

The AdWords Conspiracy

From different channels, people are evolving their Google Florida debate into an AdWords conspiracy. Google AdWords are the context-sensitive advertisement ballons on the top-right of a result page (or a page like this which uses AdSense). In a nut-shell, some suspect the Googleplex crowd mad and evil enough to try to push their AdWords income by deliberately limiting the quality of their normal results – and that’s just when high-money keywords are entered.
Sounds like a crazy idea? Because it probably is.

Scroogle Shows "Florida" Differences


Scroogle is a Google Watch search engine which shows the difference between pre- and post-Florida Google results. (Or that’s what I make of it.)
Some highly optimized sites fall prey to the new Florida-updates, but you can get them back by entering “-thisorthat”, e.g. “NBA Online” shows different results than “NBA Online -thisorthat” (no quotes).

Google Criticism Criticized

“It’s odd how in technology, whenever one brand or product becomes dominant, fearful libertarians come out of the woodwork decrying anticompetitive practices, privacy invasion, and technical malice. Microsoft has been an easy and, in some cases, justified target. But Google? This company won a brand name that became a verb the old fashioned way–by earning it.”
– Lance Ulanoff, I Search, Therefore I Google (PC Magazine), November 26, 2003


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