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Friday, November 28, 2003

Google Blog Parody

Google Weblog points to a Google blog parody.

Using "Filetype:" With Any Extension

Did you know you can use Google’s “filetype” operator with any extension? For example if you’re interested to know what people are doing with ASP.NET, you can use “filetype:aspx”. E.g. “filetype:aspx users directory”.

After some reader feedback with a question on ZIP-files, here’s a clarification:
Even though you can google for things like “filetype:zip test”, the result pages are of content-type “text/html”... and not actual ZIP-files (an HTTP client should ignore file extensions of a URL, which is what Google does). Whereas PDF files are actual Acrobat Reader files, because Google understands the content-type “application/pdf”.
You can check the content-type of any URL by using a HTTP header checker. You might also right-click a page and choose the properties from the context-menu, but depending on your browser you will see incorrect information (Internet Explorer is known to not always ignore the extension and fully respect the HTTP content-type, as it should).

Did Florida Mainly Lower Link-Text Value?

[Regarding: Florida]

“For months Googles allinanchor: keyword search has been very close to the standard search. This strongly suggested anchor text was one of if not the most important factor in getting a good SERP.

This month it’s completely different, so pretty obvious the anchor text is no longer as important as before. If I’m right on this, this is more than enough of a change to produce the changes we are seeing without the need for google conspiracies to boost Adwords sales or anti seo filters (sorry, but that made me laugh, Google doesn’t work that way).”
– SEO Dave, Google Florida Update New Hypothesis (, 28.11.2003

I could verify the assumption (as far as verification goes with hidden Google algorithms) by checking if “alt tag” was still pointing to the W3C page (which only talks about the correct name “alt attribute”) – and it’s not. Previously, it was ranked in at number 1, and now I can’t find it in the top 100.


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