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Thursday, December 4, 2003

Google May Not Be God, But...

“Google may not be God, but it is one of the few resources left in life that’s absolutely non-partisan, costs nothing to use, hurts nobody obviously, and has legions of devoted users from every walk of life.

In this still-new century, it’s a tool that has changed lives, and now holiday traditions and buying habits, within the flash of a five-year time span.

One hundred years ago, even Henry Ford couldn’t have claimed that.”
– Laura Berman, Google may not be God, but its information is just heaven-sent (Detroit News), December 4, 2003

Not Quite My Blog

Recently I found something resembling my blog in a search result. But it was not quite my blog. All images were covered with a person showing their rear end. It works with any site thanks to the Ass-o-Tron converter. Results will look like this version of Google.


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