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Monday, December 22, 2003

Nielsen: Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003

Jakob Nielsen of just released his take on the state of Web accessibility: the Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003 (Alertbox, December 22, 2003).

Search.CSS - Google With Your Stylesheet

Search.CSS is a search engine which grabs Google results and displays them using different stylesheets – possibly yours, if you take some minutes to create one and upload it to a server.
I created 3 examples:

If you create a great design, let me know of the URL so I can show it here (please include “Google” in the email subject)!
I created XHTML output which allows for a variety of designs, taking the CSS Zen Garden as inspiration. Elements have classes so that you can select all that you want via your CSS. Also take a look at the sample CSS (the default style).

To include your stylesheet, provide the full URL to your CSS at the end of the Search.css page. You can then also link to the search from your site.

[Grid Style displays a search matrix]

Note that instead of the Google AdWords advertisement which you can find at Google, I display dynamic Amazon book search results.

Google Winter Logo is featuring a special winter cartoon logo: Google in Snow (Part I). Similar to previous continuous Google doodles (like the Dilbert one), you can expect to find ongoing variations of this logo during the next days.

Word Popularity Visualizer Updated

I updated the Word Popularity Colorizer. Now the tool will also analyze how frequent a word appears within the text, as opposed to just how frequent it appears online. The result is that the words most relevant to the page can clearly be filtered out by checking for rare words which occur heavily within a single page.
E.g. when you enter the URL of this blog, “google” will correctly be understood as a very important word.
You can try it yourself with any English website:

Accessibility Toolbar (IE Download)

The Accessibility Toolbar is a great web developer tool you can install on Internet Explorer. Some of the features:


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