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Friday, January 2, 2004

Please Update Your Browser

According to Google, there’s approximately 70,000 people telling you to “please update your browser”. That’s probably because “you don’t have JavaScript enabled” (5,000), “you need Flash” (20,000), or “you need Acrobat Reader” (40,000). As we know, pages are “best viewed with Netscape” (131,000), and “best viewed with Internet Explorer” (494,000). So “download a current browser” (2,000), “download the plug-in” (20,000), “enable JavaScript in your browser” (161,000), “enable Cookies” (157,000), and off you go – after all, HTML can be enjoyed by everyone.

Google Logo Colors

[The Google logo colors can be recreated via M&M’s candy.]

“You probably see it at least once a week, but I bet you couldn’t remember or recognise the pattern blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red. (brybgr)
Bill Recommends You Bother Google Regularly.
Now you can.”

*Besides a definition of Googlomena and GoogleGiggling/ GoogleGagging, the site has a lot of links using the IFL pseudo-protocol; IFL for “I’m Feeling Lucky” (“Link by What, not Where”).

Google vs Ben Affleck

This gallery’s supposed to show Ben Affleck’s car taking up Google Inc. parking space. [Via Memepool]
The photo is taken by TommEE who was made to wear a silly Google hat as Googleplex newbie (that’s what I make of it) and also wears a Google shirt from time to time.

Search by Host Via Google Web API

An interesting use of the Google Web API is GAWSH, the Google API Web Search by Host. Enter any search query to get a list of domains as result, and click on a domain to expand it (showing more results from this domain).

Google Zeitgeist 2003

Google’s 2003 Year End Zeitgeist went online.

Ungoogle is a meta search engine aiming to provide results from search engines other than Google (“when Google can’t find it”).

2004 Celebration Logo

Google shows off their 2004 New Year’s celebration logo – a penguin with ice sculpture.
To find out what we all did in the past year, try “In 2003, I was ...”. And if you want to know what people are planning this year, try to search for the phrase “In 2004, I will ...”.
Some predict 2004 is the last year in which we consciously connect to the Internet...

“In terms of our perceptions, the Internet in all its various incarnations will soon become as ubiquitous in our modern, everyday life as, say, electric power, running water or written words. The Internet is fast becoming part of every tool and toy we use, to the point that eventually, we won’t think about it.”
– Jack Lyness (senior vice president for Californian Internet marketing firm e-agency), The Fabulous Disappearing Internet (Susan Kuchinskas), December 31, 2003

SEO Book has released a lengthy Search Engine Optimization Tutorial.


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