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Wednesday, January 7, 2004


This site’s new tool SearchGrid delivers Google results as a table. You enter keywords for the rows and keywords for the columns, and the top result for the combination of the two will be displayed in the grid. E.g. you could search for Google/ AllTheWeb/ Yahoo in combination with -/History/Weblog/ (the “-” is a placeholder to trigger a search).

Another sample search combines Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera with “... was born in”, “... and Madonna”, as well as “... on MTV”.

MSN Search Finds Downloads

I was looking for downloads of a certain unusual extension and got pages after pages of spam on Google. I then went to MSN Search. It lets you find pages which include links with a certain extension using the advanced search option. Here I could find the right result in seconds. (Google’s “filetype” is not the same, as it will find text within a certain filetype.)

Jobs at MSN Search

MSN Search is looking for people to help...


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