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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Mobile Blogging

Ironically (or naturally) I can read the Google Ads on my own blog and find something interesting; I mentioned the Nokia’s Symbian OS recently, and AdSense catches up.

Using Blogger Pro’s blog-by-email feature I could already send posts to a test blog on my server. But I also got this 640*480 pixels camera with reasonable quality*. Now let’s you become a mobile phlogger (that’s short for photo blogger) if you can send email or MMS with your cell phone. There’s group photoblogs too. This one-guy and friends service has 1724 registered users so far. It’s set up as a Web Service, as opposed to a client-side application like Kabloo’s (another ad I saw here).

I’ll be curious to see how people will use mobile multimedia blogging in the future.

*Reasonable in terms of getting a point across.

Search.CSS Update: Encoding, Cache, Links

After changing Search.CSS it's now handling German Umlaute and other special characters well. Not only that, but the search results are now closer to what Google delivers. All I had to do was change the following line in the open source NuSOAP class:

var $soap_defencoding = 'UTF-8';
// before: var $soap_defencoding = 'ISO-8859-1';

Also, a Cache feature has been added.

Next: a Link-feature has been added, which means you can now use Opera's "Next" and "Previous" buttons on search results.

Search Engine Decoder

The Search Engine Decoder (Flash) visualizes how search engines interact.


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