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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Google’s "" Now Works

You can now enter your domain into Google using the “site” operator and get a list of all pages indexed. Previously, just typing “” wasn’t enough, you had to do something like “+the” or “-ibwebiwebiu” to get results, and even then you couldn’t be sure that was the complete list. Using “” was also unreliable. [Via ResearchBuzz.]

SERPs Competition Update


The ongoing SERPs Competition (to get on top for keyword “SERPs”) is attracting a lot of SEOs putting up pages. There’s currently 37 contestants officially registered as you can see from the SERPs FAQ. However, there might be even more that didn’t register. Checking the Google Top results for SERPs these days will bring up some funny pages which also show off different styles of optimizing. The #3 in overall results (and #2 amongst contestants),, doesn’t use the crucial term “SERPs” anywhere within the page, thus (so far successfully) relying on link-text associated with it.

So what’s the approach of current leader, I’m afraid it’s blog comments spamming. Sam from the search-engines newsgroup took this route, but while it may not be the good side of SEO (it won’t make for a better Web, and decrease the value of SERPs), it’s definitely an effective way to get a quick #1 position for semi-hot terms.

After Sam announced he’d step out of the competition, the page got a “Blogspot Not Found” message. So I took it over by creating my own Blogspot SERPs site registering it to the same address – It’s better to make some use of the page than get a file-not-found, so I put up the official SERPs FAQ. (I do not have any responsibility for the search-engine-optimization that went on behind the scenes, though!)

Sometimes, Blogspot doesn’t mind others taking over left-over sites. However, looking for “The following Blog Spot page was not found” at Google, I found a PageRank 6 site on top: I tried to take it over out of curiosity, but Blogger didn’t allow me to. Apparently the sub-domain “riversbendblog” was a spoof of another site, riverbendblog (without the “s”), and it was shut down by Blogger a while ago.


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