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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

OT: MyDoom

Since I had to pretty much close down my email again due to the recent MyDoom worm, please include “Google” in the subject when writing to me.

Holy Grail of SEO: "Search Engine Optimization"


In the business of Search Engine Optimization one of the hardest terms to optimize for is the phrase Search Engine Optimization itself. The number one spot was occupied by for quite a while, but the SEO crown went over to recently.

MSN Toolbar Beta

MSN Search released their first version of a toolbar. It supports the usual stuff known from the Google toolbar and others (like keyword highlighting or pop-up blocking), plus it has a Hotmail and My MSN button. (In case you didn’t hear about it: if you go to and you register for a Microsoft passport, you can fully personalize the site – including your choice of daily cartoons.)


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