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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Why Doesn’t Google Offer Email Links?

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My address book’s crowded, not the easiest to search, and not up to date. Given Google’s PageRank technology and how they are able to count words as votes for a URL, wouldn’t it be feasable for them to offer direct email links? So that when you search for “John Doe”, you are offered a nice simple mail symbol along with the line “Send email to"? Of course they would only offer this when they are pretty sure it must be the correct address, so there would have to be a nearly anambiguous and high-quantity amount of links pointing to that email using the mailto-URL protocol. And even then, they could put a nice little “This might not be the actual email of John Doe” note there.

Google Europe is Hiring

“Google is opening a European engineering center in Zurich, Switzerland in 2004 and we’re looking to hire talented software engineers, top programmers and visionary computer scientists. The engineering development team in Zurich will mirror Google’s other engineering offices, with the same scope of work, hiring standards and unique Google culture.”
–, Google Europe is Hiring

Google Cache as Poor Man’s Backup

Yesterday, I lost about 2,000 pages due to a small programming error on my behalf. And the backup, if any, is old and somewhere in a dusty attic in another town. However today I could use the Google Cache accessed by the Google Web API to automatically recover around 3/4th of all pages. What a nice disaster recovery last-minute all-else-failed backup system!

Mydoom Flooding SERPs

Interesting: within just 4 days (since this Monday), Google recorded about 22,000 new pages containing the keyword “Mydoom”. Beginning of this week, there were only around 140 pages returned in a Google search for this new worm.

Update, just some hours later: Google now counts 89,700 pages for “mydoom”.


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