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Thursday, March 4, 2004

The Big Website "Don’t!" List

This is the big website “Don’t!” list for aspiring web developers:

  1. Don’t open pop-ups
  2. Don’t open pop-unders
  3. Don’t describe what you intent to do
  4. Don’t tell anyone why you are not updating
  5. Don’t show the month and day but not the year
  6. Don’t use browser-specific technology
  7. Don’t use exotic plug-ins
  8. Don’t use Java for effects
  9. Don’t put the Flash ads on top of the content
  10. Don’t link to PDFs without telling
  11. Don’t put PDFs on your website without good reason
  12. Don’t remove underlines from links for main body text
  13. Don’t decrease the font-size for main body text
  14. Don’t design like it’s ’99
  15. Don’t use JavaScript for anything crucial
  16. Don’t use JavaScript for anything fancy
  17. Don’t beat around the bush
  18. Don’t hide what you have to offer
  19. Don’t waste visitor time
  20. Don’t put up self-referential links pointing to the page they are on
  21. Don’t spoil the search engines
  22. Don’t keep guestbooks unattended
  23. Don’t ignore your emails
  24. Don’t hide your contact details
  25. Don’t blame the browser
  26. Don’t ask visitors to update their browser
  27. Don’t write silly alt-text just to have alt-text
  28. Don’t use bloated table-layout
  29. Don’t use table-layout
  30. Don’t optimize titles for search engines
  31. Don’t optimize anything for search engines alone
  32. Don’t forget to mention your sources
  33. Don’t give readers your link list and nothing else
  34. Don’t use graphics of text, logo excluded
  35. Don’t be a portal
  36. Don’t mention your cat, dog, or other house pet
  37. Don’t be hosted on Geocities, Tripod or Angelfire
  38. Don’t target just Internet Explorer
  39. Don’t offer downloads without description of target systems
  40. Don’t show animated ads
  41. Don’t start the HTML with a long navigation
  42. Don’t forget hand-phone visitors browsing your site
  43. Don’t forget people printing your page
  44. Don’t forget people trying to open your links in a new window
  45. Don’t forget people arriving with a text-only browser
  46. Don’t assume where the reader came from
  47. Don’t use “Click here” as link text
  48. Don’t open new windows
  49. Don’t offer Adobe, Flash, or Internet Explorer for download
  50. Don’t do the wrong thing

So do the right thing. You probably already are. If there’s enough of us, we will prove them wrong. 90% of the Web might become good actually.

Your client’s sites specifically excluded. Here, do whatever makes them happy. I guess.

Google AdSense Wishlist

I read that GoogleGuy was asked about breaking up AdSense statistics by different domains. Here’s my personal feature wishlist, and if you also use AdSense maybe we share some of those wishes (if you think of something else, let me know):


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