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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Yahoo! Web Rank


Yahoo’s PageRank is called Web Rank (also referred to as “WebRank”):

“Yahoo! Web Rank is the name that Yahoo! has given to a technical measurement of a particular URL’s popularity. If you choose to enable the Yahoo! Web Rank feature on the Yahoo! Companion Toolbar, a toolbar icon will display the Yahoo! Web Rank value of each URL that you visit. The Yahoo! Web Rank values range from 1 to 10.”
What is Yahoo! Web Rank (Beta)? [Via Abakus]

I hereby introduce a new, even more relevant rank: SearchRank. You calculate it by adding up Yahoo’s Web Rank and Google’s PageRank, and dividing the result by 2.

New Google AdSense Features

There are several new Google AdSense features, as introduced to AdSense users via email yesterday. The biggest change comes with more detailed reports. By defining your own “channels” (pasting an identifier in the AdSense code) you can track where the clicks are coming from.


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