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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


According to the Cyborg Name Generator, G.O.O.G.L.E. stands for “General Organism Optimized for Gratification and Logical Exploration”. Which doesn’t sound far off.

Including AdSense in Desktop Applications

We all know how to use Google AdSense on a Web site. But you don’t have to stop there. Here’s an idea I had and tried out. If you have created a freeware desktop applications (for me that’s text editor Netpadd), and you are looking for a way to include some advertisement, why not use Google AdSense?

E.g. in Visual Basic, you can include a web control. You can then point it to a URL which includes relevant content (this is the hard part, to figure out which content is relevant to users of your software). Then, focus the included Web control to display the ads only. (When the user scrolls down, the rest of the page is shown.) Depending on your type of software, this just might work for you.


This is too disgusting to blog about. Almost. Poogle. [Via email.]

Google Rant

A funny Google rant (and there are many Google rants to be found in newsgroups):

“Google is slipping back slowly to a state of ’don’t even bother clicking on the first 2 pages of results’. I really thought after the last big update that Google was working more on producing relevance. Reverting slowly to the Florida garbage is a lot like going back to your ex-wife! Come on Google...with the instabilty of Yahoo, your runner up short of Bill Gates in the future, Google has a door wide open to actually step in, drop the irrelevant system of PR, and produce a new method that puts them far and above all. (...)

Anyone that would say “continuos improvement” is not what Google should be working on needs to pick up a Wall Street Journal a few times a week. No one is ever so good at what they do that they can afford to sit on their hands and hope the world doesn’t catch up with you. Someone will catch up. Whether it be weeks, months, or years in the future, if the Google cubicle boys keep sitting on their hands and wondering where they should invest their money rather than busting ass to improve they eventually will be the AltaVista of the future. Doesn’t take Professor to figure that one out. They have to get BETTER and IMPROVE everyday. If that was not a fact the whole world would still be listening to 8-track tapes.”
– Brian, Slowly but surely ( ), 2004-03-22


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