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Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Gmail Trouble

Google’s Gmail is facing an open letter from privacy organisations as well as a possible trademark violation.

Gmail Fixes

Google indeed changed their Gmail login and password reminder functionality after I blogged and emailed them about problems.

Petition to Remove From Google

Website Remove Jew Watch shows a sadly absurd misunderstanding of how the Web works, and how Google ranks sites.
Remove Jew Watch asks people to sign a petition to remove the anti-semitic from Google’s top position when entering “Jew” (as previously posted).

“Google is the # 1 search site and the fact that [the] first search result would yield an anti-semetic site is all too common in a growing era of increased Anti Semetism [sic]... In order for google to remove this [they] would need a petition of over 50,000 requests”

Will someone tell the webmaster that petition signers should rather put up links containing the word “Jew” to pages they prefer to see ranked well? In the meantime, a lot of people like me just linked Jew to Wikipedia, and voila, it’s the new #1 in Google.


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