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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Google Censhorship

Google Inc states they do not censor sites, thus not remove However they do admit to censor what is illegal. In German Google, is completely removed from the listings. Compare the following two:

What this boils down to is that Google Inc will censor whatever a state decides to censor (i.e., make illegal according to the country’s law – in Germany, certain hate web sites are illegal). As long as US-law allows free speech online I can just go to to prevent such censorship... which is one reason I never use, even though I’m from Germany.

SEO and Accessibility

Carmen Mardiros emailed me about her work:

“[’Search Engine Optimisation - A Positive Influence on Web Accessibility’] intends to show how search engines, through their algorithms, and search engine optimisation, as a popular marketing technique, have led to a growing interest in making web content more accessible. This paper will also raise awareness among the search engine optimisation (SEO) community of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines published by the W3C.”
– Carmen Mardiros, Search Engine Optimisation and Accessibility (Bigmouthmedia)

On a related note, see my previous HTML, XHTML, CSS and SEO Purism

Kevin Fox on Gmail Privacy

Kevin Fox compares what you are required to supply before you successfully created a Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail account. Here’s his list:

* First Name
* Last Name
* Zip code
* Gender
* Industry
* Job Title
* Specialization
* Birth Date
[] Send me special offers from selected Yahoo! partners (checked by default)
* First Name
* Last Name
* Language
* Country
* State
* Zip Code
* Time Zone
* Gender
* Birth Date
* Occupation
[] which of 40 newsletters you want to receive in your inbox
[] which of 55 topics interst you, so that ’featured offers’ from Hotmail partners can be delivered into your inbox
* First Name
* Last Name

As for Gmail ads and user privacy, Kevin adds:

“[The] information used to deliver a targeted ad in Gmail exists only as long as it takes to serve the ad. After that it’s gone. It isn’t tied to your account, and doesn’t even exist beyond the tenth of a second it takes to display the ad”
--Kevin Fox, comments

Blocking Gmail

Gary emailed me about his latest Gmail post: “A California State Senator has told Reuters that she’s writing legislation to block Google’s new email service.” See Senator Figueroa’s press release (“G-Mail Is a ’Misbegotten’ Idea”).

Google Groups Archive

Gadgetopia points to this interesting 20 Year Archive on Google Groups. In another post, Gadgetopia ponders that not only will the one signing up for Gmail agree to its privacy policy, but also all of the Gmailer’s friends who’ll send in email.


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