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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

GoogleGuy Said Stop

GoogleGuy Says is a nice weblog summarizing the insightful comments of a Google employee posting on WebMasterWorld (a very crowded search forum). But now, GoogleGuy says stop.

Microsoft Labs

MSN Sandbox ís a Microsoft version of Google Labs. Also see Microsoft Research and their, uh, underwhelming “large-scale study of the evolution of Web pages”. Does it really take 11 months and 150 million URLs to figure out that 1) “Most web pages don’t change much”, and 2) “A page’s previous change rate is a good predictor of it’s future change rate"?

Nature of Meaning in the Age of Google

ResearchBuzz points to Terrence A. Brooks’ The nature of meaning in the age of Google, which looks like a good weekend reading. From the abstract:

“Meaning is constructed in this culture by harvesting semantic content from Web pages and using hyperlinks as a plebiscite for the most important Web pages. The characteristic tension of the culture of lay indexing is between genuine information and spam. Google’s success requires maintaining the secrecy of its parsing algorithm despite the efforts of Web authors to gain advantage over the Googlebot. Legacy methods of asserting meaning such as the META* keywords tag and Dublin Core are inappropriate in the lawless meaning space of the open Web.”
– Terrence A. Brooks, The nature of meaning in the age of Google (Information Research, Vol. 9), 3 April, 2004

*Also see; limitations of meta-data.

Memecodes Started to Spawn Offspring

My Memecodes experiment has taken off. There are already many new pages which have been created by mating Google-searchers with existing Memecode pages.

Google OS Continued

The Google OS meme jumped from blogsphere to mainstream news sources:

“Many believe Google’s next step will be to use its unmatched processing and storage capacity to invite people to house things on Google’s network that they normally keep on their computer desktops, such as documents, digital photos, spreadsheets and songs. All those files would be accessible from any Internet-connected device and easily searchable using the technology that made Google famous. That could mean trouble for Microsoft. The more you can do on the Internet, the less important your PC becomes. (...)

Others believe Google may go further. John Battelle, a co-founder of Wired magazine who is writing a book on Internet searching, said he could envision a Google word processor that comes with the Google toolbar for Internet browsers. Documents could be stored on Google’s servers, which would allow writers to query Bartlett’s Quotations, and other sites while they type.”
Chris GaitherGoogle eyes Net operating system (Oakland Tribune Online/ Los Angeles Times), April 19, 2004

Gigablast and FindForward’s Question Answering

Gigablast says it supports questions, though answers are still just search result. In FindForward’s Ask Question, I try to provide nothing but the answer to any question. Taking the Gigablast questions, here are the results:

Who invented the barometer?
Evangelista Torricelli invented the barometer in 1643. Even though barometric light was not yet understood, it was investigated.

What is the tallest mountain in the world?
Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. That is true if you measure the height above sea level (Mt

Who was the 33rd President?
Truman was the 33rd President of the United States of America,” said Irene

Who is the fastest man?
CARLO – He is the fastest man in the world but Maurice Greene sees a rival he has yet to overtake.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Who invented calculus?
Newton wno invented Calculus, but the Germans say

What is a light year?
A light year is the distance that light travels in a year

Why is the sky blue?
Activity: Why the Sky is Blue. LEVEL Ages 5-85. RATIONALE An intuitive demonstration of how the atmosphere affects sunlight to create the sky colors we see.

Who is President of Cuba?
The president of Cuba is Fidel Castro. He has been in power since 1958, when he and his followers overthrew the Batista regime

Who plays Ralph Furley on three’s company?

What is the capital of New Mexico?
fe?faith) is the capital of New Mexico, a state of the United States of America.


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