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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Traveling Cameras

Randompixel is a new website by Google Interaction Designer Kevin Fox (note the website is not related to Google in any way though). What a totally great yet simple concept:

“A camera, alone in the world. Each Randompixel camera was given to a stranger. Stickers on the camera instruct the recipient to take a few pictures and pass it along. When the camera is done, it is dropped in the mail, it returns home, and the pictures are posted here.”
– Kevin Fox, Randompixel, April 20, 2004

This somewhat reminded me of and I’m excited to see where it will go.

Illustration based on poster by John Buczak via public domain images at American memory.

Impossible Queries

When it comes to Google queries, German Umlaute make the impossible possible. The following two queries both return many-thousands of results:

Even the following query returns several Google News results (as well as the negative value of the speed of light in m / s):

Webby Awards

The Webby 2004 nominees have been announced on April 20. Google (who also won some trophies last year) is nominated in two categories. One is Best Practices, along with Wikipedia, the other category is for Services. There is no sign of a “Blog” category, which goes to show the Webby is so ’99. [Thanks to Google-blog.dirson.]


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