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Thursday, May 13, 2004

"Gmail Account" Points to CNN

I had a theory, and now see it does work... you might remember I linked to “” (that’s a fake paramter CNN does not support, but it also does not break the page). Now when you enter Gmail Account in Google, the CNN homepage ranks on #14 already (it does not have the words “gmail account” anywhere on the page). Which means this approach is a new and effective form of Googlebombing. [Thanks to Logan for pointing this out.]

Google Groups 2 Beta Release

Just yesterday I mentioned how nice it would be to have a newsgroup web client by Google. Today, Google launches Google Groups 2 as beta release. Not only does it make available 845 million Usenet articles; similar to Yahoo Groups you can also create your own communinites. The Google OS continues to surprise the world.
If you feel like it, you are invited to join the newly create “Google News” community to discuss all things Google.

Update: at the moment, everything you post to Google Groups 2 Beta shows up multiple times.

Google Image Ads

Google’s AdSense program now offers the option for webmasters to display image ads. (I will try it out on some of my pages and see if the click-through rate increases – personally I thought the success of this approach suffers from banner blindness.)
Note images are not available for all AdSense formats.


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