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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Google Mascot

If you want to know what the Google mascot looks like, here’s a photo by Google staff photographer Wesley Chan. There’s an Initial Public Offering memo on the Wall... look closely.

Update: the Google Fun photo section got password-protected after my post. The image linked above can not be seen anymore.

The Best of Google Answers

Interesting... this blog points out the Best of Google Answers.


Will Google, with its vision to plaster all the world with ads... pardon, organize the world’s information... one day have AdWords be “attached to net-based television programming”, as John Battelle puts it? John also points us to the warning tale of Googlio and his brother Frooglio...

“Florence, Italy - Historians have found convincing evidence that Leonardo da Vinci developed the first search engine. Recently uncovered Da Vinci diaries describe how he collaborated with his neighbor, Googlio, to enable a renaissance in searching.

The diaries describe how da Vinci, who was always getting lost, shouted to his downstairs neighbor, “Hey Googlio, how the hell do I get to Rome?” Googlio returned the next day with a detailed map that highlighted taverns and brothels along the way. Da Vinci was impressed, especially since Googlio was an unemployed college dropout who spent most of his time writing his own name and adorning it with tiny pictures.”
– Dan Barash, Da Vinci Credited with Developing First Search Engine (BBspot), May 3

Orkut Agent

Here is a Perl script by Delfim Machado which tries to find out who of your Orkut friends are online in the Orkut community. (Note I did not try the script and you might get into trouble for sending agents into Orkut.)


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