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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Gmail Contest

Still in need of a Gmail account? There’s a Gmail contest coming up at Google Blog Dirson.

Nigritude Ultramarine Update

[Nigritude Ultramarine]

Thanks to the many links from you in regards to my previous post, I have jumped to #20 of the 135,000 Google results for Nigritude Ultramarine. I hope you keep linking and don’t forget I will pass on the iPod, Flat Screen, and Gmail invites (if I do indeed get those, that is). Please keep linking to using the words Nigritude Ultramarine... there’s 19 more ranks to go!

Google Discussion Boards

There are two new Google-related discussion boards which might interest you:

Then there is our little Google News group, but it’s so Beta it hurts... join anyway if you feel like trying out the new Google Groups. (Currently I have a hard time just switching to tree view, let alone navigate it... there are JavaScript alerts all the way.)

Also available are WebProWorld, hosted by Garrett French of WebProNews, and the popular (but crowded & moderated) WebMasterWorld.
And if you are looking for German Google discussion, Abakus has a nice forum.
As for Usenet newsgroups, there’s


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