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Thursday, May 27, 2004


This post intentionally left blank.


Simpy is an advanced bookmarking service. After you register you can add two bookmarklets in your browser’s link section. Now when you come across a page worth bookmarking, you can click “Simpy This!”, attach some labels* to the page, and find it again months later by clicking “Search Simpy”. I find this a great idea, but be aware Simpy also serves as social network and by default, your bookmarks will be public.

*Bookmarks are dead; just as Gmail, Simpy does intentionally go the way of multiple labels as opposed to a hierarchy model to store your bookmark – no need to navigate a folder structure trying to locate your bookmark.

Also see StumbleUpon.

Update: I’ve been pointed to two four other social bookmarking services,, Spurl, Furl, and Frassle.

Waffles/ Kerry Googlebomb

“The top result on Google from typing in ’’waffles’’ was Democratic candidate John Kerry’s official campaign site on Monday.

The phrase appears nowhere on Kerry’s site. But conservative bloggers skewed the search engine results by posting the phrase on their own Web pages and linking it to the Kerry site, in a technique called Google-bombing. (...)

It appears to have been started by a 23-year-old first-year Pennsylvania law student Ken Jacobsen, who scattered the word ’’waffles’’ throughout his blog, Esoteric Diatribe, back in April – all linking to Kerry’s site. Other allies did the same on their home pages. Jacobsen could not immediately be reached for comment.”
– Matt Marshall, Google-bombers link Kerry site with ’waffles’ (San Jose Mercury News), May. 26, 2004

CNN Switches to Yahoo

The little search box on used to read Powered by Google. It has now been replaced with Powered by Yahoo. However Google (the company you can’t sue) is still on top of the game if you ask Wired. (Note Google doesn’t only receive prizes, they also award some.)


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