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Monday, May 31, 2004

Google Plate

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Connecticut offers a vanity plate lookup: how about a Google license plate?

Googol vs Google vs Googelb

“A DISPUTE over a very large number of zeroes is threatening to distract attention from a $2.7 billion stock sale by the internet search engine Google.

News of the deal has brought a threat of legal action from the family of Professor Edward Kasner, who invented the word “googol” in the 1930s to describe a very big number. He wrote about the concept in a 1940 book, describing a googol as the number one followed by a hundred zeroes.

Kasner’s great-niece, Peri Fleisher, now insists that the US-based company has gained financially at the expense of the family.”
– Frank O’Donnell, Zero tolerance as Googol plans to take Google to court [Via ResourceShelf.]

In the meantime, Google is suing German Googelb...

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