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Monday, June 7, 2004

More Gmail Giveaways


Another round of Gmail invitations has been started by Google. Project C is giving away three in a contest. I will play lottery with my three invitations and hand them out to all those who linked to me using the words “Nigritude Ultramarine"*. Nine more Gmails are given away at JLuster for those telling what they are willing to do for it in the comments. Reoriginalize gives away two Gmail accounts for a good cause. Vince will offer three Gmails on a first-served basis to friends only. In the meantime others are selling Gmails and get rich.

* I will announce this later on. The contest time, first round, is over so I won’t accept any new emails though – you participate automatically if you linked to me and sent an email prior to June 7.

The lottery has chosen Alexander, Mario and Kim to receive the Gmail invitations!

Update: Pavlov awards several Gmails in a contest.

Another Update: More Gmail invitations at this snooker game. And also has some Gmails to give away.

What If... Google Would Be Evil? (Part 9 of 10)

Google repeated their mantra in the latest statement attached to their IPO filing, when Larry Page wrote “Don’t be evil”. This was to remind us what the big G strives to avoid. And some might already be scared. We don’t like to switch tools all the time, and put trust into things served by Google may be our website host (, our community (Orkut), our paycheck (AdSense), and last not least our search engine. But we are ready to watch for the signs – and as Google also repeatedly states, other sites are just one click away.
So let’s ask ourselves: What if... Google would be evil?

9. Google’s AdSense Displaying Subliminal Messages

Using the Google AdSense program millons of webmasters plaster their site’s walls with context-relevant advertising. They cash in, Google cashes in, and the advertisers carry away hordes of new customers. The new Google AdSense Subliminal program makes sure even more ads fit into the restricted space; and though they will only be shown for a split-second, users just can’t escape the hypnotic urge to click – and buy. Freud would be proud.

To be continued...

Nigritude Ultramarine Winner Announced

[Nigritude Ultramarine]

I could not hold my weekend number one position, and now it’s official. The Nigritude Ultramarine iPod goes to... Congratulations.

Nigritude Ultramarine in the meantime went up in Blogdex as fastest spreading Meme on the Web.


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