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Thursday, June 10, 2004

FindForward Wildcard in Words

FindForward now supports a wildcard within a word. Just choose “Wildcard Word” from the menu.
You can enter phil to get philosophy and philadelphia, or go*d to get results for gold and godsend. (As you may know, Google itself does not allow you to do this.)

Try it yourself:

Finding Friends With Google

Ever so often in life people part ways; at the end of high school, college, a holiday, or after moving out of a neighborhood. Sometimes good friends realize later they completely lost contact to each other.

One way to trace your old friends is to enter their name into Google. But unless they are web-savvy and talkative enough to have their own homepage, you won’t find much of them online.

Another, better way of getting in touch with out-of-sight friends is to put their name on your web site, and to let it be indexed by the Googlebot.
Now even those who don’t have their own web page sooner or later sit in front of Google and enter their own name. (Ego-browsing is one of the most common types of search.) And when they do enter their name, your page pops up in the result list.

All you have to do on that page of yours is to provide a simple explanation why it exists. Tell your long lost friends to contact you, and hand out your email address. Who knows, one day you might see an email in your inbox titled “Guess what... I found you with Google”.

Googlebomb Watch

My new Googlebomb Watch collects a multitude of Googlebombs on a single page, dynamically showing the top result for each.


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