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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

PageRank to RSS in Perl

“Recent revelations have made it very easy to determine the checksum necessary to request a URL’s PageRank from Google. Some people, for commercial, egoistical or other reasons, are interested in knowing when the PR of certain URLs changes. As a result, I’ve whipped up, a simple Perl script that outputs (in the RSS format) the PR of a list of URLs.”
– Mihai, RSS-based PageRank Monitoring Tool (, June 27, 2004

AdSense Glitch

A bug in Google AdSense will currently show your last item in the payment history twice. The future should show wether or not AdSense publishers will actually cash in twice, too.

Mac Search Tool Spotlight

“During a keynote speech to programmers at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, CEO Steve Jobs revealed a raft of new hardware products. But the highlight was a preview of the next version of Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X 10.4, codenamed Tiger.

The “most revolutionary” feature of Tiger, according to Jobs, is a new search tool, known as Spotlight. This fits into the desktop task bar and promises to let users search through various types of data, including email messages, address book entries, text documents and images in a fraction of a second.

Spotlight can scour through more than 100,000 files in less a second. It achieves this by using special classifying information known as “metadata”, which is automatically tagged to documents to provide a simple description.”
– Will Knight, Apple unveils faster searching tool (, 29 June 04 [Via ResourceShelf.]

Jef Raskin on Interface Design

“It’s time to make it more usable”: Jef Raskin, who began the Macintosh project for Apple, asks What’s wrong with the state of interface design today?


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