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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Amazon Search as RSS

A new feature at FindForward lets you search for books. Just choose “Amazon” from the search menu and for every result item you will see details like book title, author and reviews.

Also, choosing “Amazon RSS” from the search menu, you can get the Amazon results as RSS to include on your site (or subscribe to in your RSS reader).

Here is a sample RSS link searching for “google” (you can replace “google” with your own keyword):

McDoogle (Spoof)

Here’s what happens when McDonald’s buys Google...

Big Media Ghost Sites

“ is a vast, sprawling supersite, and it’s likely that most people bouncing off links from its home page don’t find themselves knee-deep in bitrotten HTML.

Users coming in from search engines, however, won’t be so lucky. (...)

If big media is too clueless to make the most of its hits, how about taking these pages down, so they won’t lure more people into these Ghost areas?”
– Steve, Rust Never Sleeps at, June 30, 2004

The Ugliest Page in the World

Using Google I found The Ugliest Web Page in all the World. Via Yahoo’s useless pages directory on the other hand comes the Most Neglected Site on the Web, which reads:

“Under no circumstances, nor at any time soon or in the distant future, will this site be updated. Never. It will never be purged of outdated or erroneous information, and this includes glaring misspellings or broken links. No part of our site will ever contain ’the latest news’ about anything. Not even this pledge will be updated. We cross our hearts and hope to die.”


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