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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Google’s Next Steps

After Google aquired Picasa, and new rumours on Google’s video search plans surface [via Battelle], here are my predictions of what we will see next at Google:

Yahoo Shortcuts

Yahoo shortcuts are somewhat less known than their Google counterpart, but they are not less powerful. Here are examples from the Yahoo help:

Search typeSyntaxSearch Sample*
Area code[3-digit area code]408
Gas Pricesgas [zip code]gas 48201
Maps[street address] [city] [state]22 5th ave new york ny
Traffic Reports[city] trafficlos angeles traffic
Yellow Pages [city] [state] [type of business]pittsburgh pa plumber
Weather[city] weatherboise weather
Zip Codeszip code [city]zip code chattanooga
Movie Showtimesshowtimes [zip code]showtimes 90028
Newsnews [topic]news elections
Sports Scores[team] scoresyankees scores
Stock Quotesquote [ticker symbol]quote yhoo
Airport Information[city or airport code] airportjfk airport
Exchange Ratesconvert [currency] to [currency]convert dollars to yen
Flight Tracker[airline name] [flight number]american 123
Hotel Finder[city] hotelslas vegas hotels
Aircraft Registration[N-number]n924an
Book Price Finder[ISBN]0764507621
Dictionary Definitionsdefine [word]define pulchritudinous
Encyclopedia Lookup[topic] factsdinosaur facts
Package Trackerfedex [tracking code]
usps [tracking code]
Synonym Findersynonym [word]synonym repetitive
UPC (Bar) Codes [12-digit UPC Code]035000741189
U.S. Patentspatent [number]patent 6588078
Vehicle History[VIN]zffyt53a510122724
Calculator 5.77 * (258+477)
Time Zonestime in [city]time in copenhagen
Weights and Measures Converterconvert [amount] [units] to [units]convert 2 miles to inches

*Most of the special searches work for the US only. Then there is the weather search which I found works for Europe as well, but actually goes ahead to show Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. Other search types, like the new calculator, or the encyclopaedia look-up, can be useful to everyone.


If you are searching for Fahrenheit 9/11 or other BitTorrent files, the new Google-based Bitoogle is for you. [Via Capt. Cornelius.]

BitTorrent is a way to download and share all kinds of files – like movies, music, or pictures. Michael Moore was in the news recently because he stated he wouldn’t object to non-commercial sharing of his new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, which is available as torrent file (and was also briefly available at

Ask Yahoo

If you have a question, you might want to Ask Yahoo.


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