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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

VisitorVille Update

Statistic visualizer VisitorVille (the software I advertise to the right) has seen a major update. Previously you could track and record live-data by inserting a special JavaScript code into your pages. Now as additional option you can provide VisitorVille with your raw log-files.

Also new is the ability to group many pages together in a single building – such as your whole blog archive.

The report you can generate includes data such as the following:

Search Engines: Google Blogoscoped
Search EnginePercent of Total Referred Visitors

Added to the above I can see the most popular search terms, other referrers bringing in the most visitors, average time spent on a page and so on.

For the new changes to take effect, you need to start VisitorVille and wait a while until the update message pops up. Now restart the program. You can then choose Admin -> Logs -> Import Local Log File(s)... from the menu.

For more information see the VisitorVille review.

1996 Web Campaigns

You can take a look back at the 1996 presidential election campaigning web sites. This of just 8 years ago in a time when men were real men, women were real women, and little blue underlined links were real little blue underlined links. And no blogs around either. (If you joined the criticism of those accusing the Democratic National Convention bloggers to be boring, check the dullest blog in the world and compare.) Still, as Steve of Ghostsites writes, “there’s nothing new under the Sun, or on the Web."

Extremetracking Search Queries

To get a feeling what people are searching for, enter the following into Google: “Last 20 Searchengine Queries”

This will reveal a list of public site statistics by Extremetracking. These include the search engine referrer which shows what people entered in Google and others to find the site.

Yahoo Local

Yahoo unveils its new beta search for locations, Yahoo Local. [Via Abakus.] In other news Yahoo is offering news alerts via SMS.

AllHeadlineNews offers blogspace search results as RSS. E.g. results for “google” are accessed with the following URL:

[Via Researchbuzz.]

Blog Manipulation

Wired analyzes how porn blogs are used to manipulate Google.


Battelle points to Icerocket, a very well-working meta-search engine (and one which does not rely on Google). You can find web pages displayed with thumbnails, news items, products, and friends. The design – though heavily, well, inspired by Google – is very clean, with the cartoon image of a rocket spread throughout the pages.


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