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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Google’s Gambling Ads

Where, you may wonder, is today’s Google lawsuit? Here:

“Some gambling ads on Google, Yahoo! and other major websites are illegal in California, according to a new lawsuit.”
– Ben Charny, Google and Yahoo! sued for ’illegal gambling ads’ (, August 04 2004

Microsoft Blog

“Microsoft Corp. said on Wednesday it was launching its first-ever Web log service in Japan next week and aimed to have one million users in the first year, intensifying competition with Google Inc.”
Microsoft launches Web log service in Japan (MSNBC/ Reuters), Aug. 4, 2004

Google Alphabet

Scott Niven googled the alphabet and lists the first page for every letter.

We the Media

I converted the PDF-version of Dan Gillmor’s new book “We the Media” into accessible XHTML over at Authorama. The book looks immensely interesting. Topics discussed include blogs, wikis, link laws, grassroots journalism and much more. The table of contents:

News Map

NewsIsFree has a great Java-based news visualization. You select a topic (like technology) and then restrict the age or popularity of the articles to be shown. You can also enter a keyword to search for. [Via Waxy.]

Finding Credit Card Numbers

George Hotelling shows this Google search (which uses the numrange operator) lists Visa credit card numbers:

visa 4356000000000000..4356999999999999

Google News Sources

Vin asks: “From more than 7,000 sources, is it possible that 48 percent of stories should be coming from only five sources?” [Via Waxy.]

Update: Thanks to Alterego’s comment, the article has now been corrected to mention 4,500 sources.


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