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Thursday, August 5, 2004


The motto of Geocaching is “the sport where YOU are the search engine”. The idea is that you go treasure hunting equipped with nothing but a GPS (Global Positioning System) device, coordinates grabbed from the web-site, and the knowledge someone cached something at the target point.
After opening the cache you will find a letter informing you about the rules, asking you to take something (if you want) and leave something for others to grab as well.

There’s even a book on the topic, and of course the website should answer remaining questions (and inform you about Travel Bugs, and where to buy them).

This game somewhat reminded me of the adventure-seeking spirit of Bookcrossing. Whoever said adults are just grown-up kids?

BugMeNot Updated

Waxy points to the newest version of BugMeNot, which now auto-fills login data into subscription based sites (previously you had to manually move the username and password from the popup to the main window). This makes for a great community-powered add-on to Google News.

Memespread Visualized

[Memespread] Here is a visualization of the blogspace meme experiment started this week.

The image is generated using the Google Web API and Sun’s GraphLayout Java. Sites shown are from a limited set.

GoogleGuy Blogs

GoogleGuy (one of the only Google employees who participates in public search engine discussion groups) speaks up in the official Google Blog.

Illegal Shares

“Google Inc. said it may have illegally issued shares potentially worth as much as $3.1 billion after its planned IPO, and offered to buy them back for a fraction of that amount.”
– Jonathan Stempel, Google May Have Illegally Issued Employees Shares (Reuters), Aug 5 2004


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