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Saturday, August 7, 2004


The German news magazine Spiegel zoogles (“zoogeln" for “Zufalls-Googeln”, which means “random googling”). Here’s how zoogling works:

Note: a variant of this game is image-zoogling.

Finding MP3s

Scott suggests the following Google search to find MP3 music downloads (where “jackson” can be replaced with any artist):

“index of/mp3” -playlist -html -lyrics jackson

GSuite Announced, and Broken Notifiers

Imspire developer Zach send this in:

“The entire Imspire team is pleased to announce the release of GSuite 1.0, our new application to further enhance the Gmail experience by adding several useful features not available from a completely web based interface.

Among the features added are new mail notification, mailto: URL handling, easy access embeded browser, and tray access to Google & Gmail search features.”


As Steve R. informed me, several Gmail notifiers have stopped working. Someone’s commenting this “seems a little evil”, another one’s saying “Google is fast becoming the new Microsoft”.
Now while the Gmail add-ons are nice things and we all wish for a Gmail API, until the day Google releases such they have the right to change the workings of Gmail (upon which these tools rely) whenever they want to. Everyone writing screen-scraping tools knows the risks involved.

On Google Compute

Alek mailed me the following information:

“A while back, Google announced Google Compute – here is their FAQ:

Again, it’s a good cause and GREAT they did this, since a lotta non-tech savvy people can’t figure out how to work the FAH client which you use from Stanford - see:

The “bummer” is that Stanford updated the “core” (or executeable) that does the computations ... so what NEEDS to happen is that Google has to “approve/accept” that core, and provide that update to the Toolbar users - the total number is actually in the hundreds of thousands.

Since they have NOT done that yet, those people running Google Compute are now “stalled out” ... since they can’t run any more work units from Stanford until Google upgrades the software on their end.”

More links in the forum.


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