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Monday, August 9, 2004


An interesting idea: Emotemail renders your facial expressions right into the email, while typing speed is visualized as shades of gray in the background. Then again, emoticons and spelling errors (or all lower-case typing) did a pretty good job to communicate these so far. [Via Memepool.]

Google Bubble

“The hallelujahs have turned to hand-wringing as confusion and a stumbling economy are souring the zeitgeist surrounding Google Inc.’s initial public offering. (...)

For a while the Valley was saying, ’God, we can’t wait for Google. It’s going to make all the difference – open the door again. We’re heading back to Nasdaq 5000,’ “ said Peter Sealey, a co-director of University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Marketing and Technology, who does not plan to bid for shares.

Now, he said, “I think the Valley just wants to get the damn thing over with."”
– Chris Gaither, Google buzz slowly dwindling (Los Angeles Times), August 9, 2004

Illegal Meta-tags

According to, a German court ruled excessive use of irrelevant meta-keywords in HTML unlawful. I wonder if someone told this court search engine spammers don’t rely on meta-keywords, as they are ignored by Google?

Domain Generator

This blog’s new Domain Generator will do just that – generate random domains every time you load it to inspire you!


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