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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Google IPO Interview Request

The Google Weblog quotes the request of a BBC reporter:

“BBC television in New York City is looking for an individual investor who’s decided to bid for some Google shares. We would like to film the interview tomorrow (Thursday). It would take about 10-15 minutes and could be done at our offices in Times Square, or we could come to you. If you’re interested in taking part or have any questions about this, please contact Janet Ball on 646 223 6660.”

Internal Gmail Changes

For those writing screen-scraping Gmail add-ons, Phil explains what changed recently with the scripts.

PageRank Checksum in VBScript

David N. Cicalo is converting the PHP Google PageRank checksum calculator to VBScript and asks for help.

Update: Looks like Ivan Tumanov solved it!

Google Mindmap

[Google MindMap]

I created a Google Mindmap; you can view the full image or download the source file to be used with Java-based FreeMind.


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