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Friday, August 13, 2004

Gmail Trademark Under Attack

Since the beginning of IPO craze, Google is facing another problem everday. Now their Gmail trademark is under attack. And it seems righteously so; according to this CNet article [thanks Carl], Google announced Gmail to the public on April 1st (the service was running internally for around a year, according to some sources). Google only registered the trademark six days later – enough time for three other parties filing for the Gmail name rights.

Google Cartoons

This Google cartoon by Gary Zamchick tells of the growing-up pains of a small three letter text entry box named Goo. And then there’s the one about googling Paris...

DNA Messages

Nova Spivack wonders if aliens encoded hidden messages in our DNA:

“Putting a message in human DNA, particularly in the junk DNA regions, is guaranteed (a) not to degrade significantly over long periods of time and (b) to be found by humans when we reached a suitable level of technological development, and (d) to go with each of us wherever we went on earth and beyond. So, thinking like an alien, DNA would be a much better place to leave a message for future humans than just about anywhere else.”

[Image courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.]


Apropos DNA – I just saw the complete five-part trilogy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide by Douglas Noel Adams is available online (it doesn’t seem as if the site has any right to republish this, though):

Google Olympics Logo

[Olympics Logo]

Today Google is honoring the start of the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens with a special celebration logo. (Today we also celebrate Left-Handers Day, which is a good time to check if you are more left-handed than you think...)


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