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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

First Blog

Here is the first blog ever (revisionism can be fun).

VisitorVille Chat

So how can the creator of a web site chat with visitors of this web site? Using VisitorVille all you need to do (after paying the Mayor of course) is to tag pages of your site to make them VisitorVille-enabled. Now when people move around the site they get listed in the VisitorVille program immediately; right-clicking them you can initiate a Java-based chat, and hope the visitor will move around the site again and accept the invitation.

See how VisitorVille chat works [WMV].

Update: I just tried out the chat feature and got permission to republish here:

Visitor: yes ? hello
Google Blogoscoped Chat: Hi, this is Philipp. First of all I’m trying out the chat with visitors feature... how are you?
Google Blogoscoped Chat: By the way, I posted an update to the front-page on this chat...
Visitor: fine ! it’s the first time I see such a message...
Google Blogoscoped Chat: and it’s the first time I chatted with a visitor!
Google Blogoscoped Chat: are you a first-time visitor to Google Blogoscoped?
Visitor: yes, i’m a french competitor of “mangeur de cigogne” contest, i was reading stuff about GG
Google Blogoscoped Chat: oh... how well are you doing in the competition? maybe I can give you a boost :)
Visitor: it’s over, i finished 9th
Google Blogoscoped Chat: oh!
Google Blogoscoped Chat: who won?
Google Blogoscoped Chat: 9th of August?!
Visitor: a nice guy
Google Blogoscoped Chat: this is cool information for my blog...
Visitor: no, sorry, it finishe 15th june, but I was 9
Google Blogoscoped Chat: oh ok...
Google Blogoscoped Chat: heh
Google Blogoscoped Chat: may i ask your name?
Visitor: I came on u’re blog from
Visitor: my name : Olivier
Google Blogoscoped Chat: Nice to meet you... :) may I ask.. how do you like a chat feature like this?
Visitor: Fi : there is some new SEO comtetition : telendro (spanish)
Google Blogoscoped Chat: oh... telendro... hang on I will google that...
Visitor: Chat like this is quite ok, but I think people will hesitate before cliking ok on the JS alert box (becaus of spywares and so on)
Google Blogoscoped Chat: hmm what does “telendro” mean do you have info on the competition?
Google Blogoscoped Chat: oh ok... yeah... maybe they think it’s a spyware popup kind of thing. right
Google Blogoscoped Chat: but you did chat with me :)
Visitor: it doesn’t mean anything, but i do not have any further info on the competition, I sent to much time on the mangeur de cigogne :)
Google Blogoscoped Chat: why did you try to win in mange de cigogne – fame, money, technical experience to gain ...?
Google Blogoscoped Chat: mangeur even
Visitor: There was nothing to win, only fun !
Google Blogoscoped Chat: heh
Google Blogoscoped Chat: yeah, same here for the past competitions...
Google Blogoscoped Chat: Olivier may I ask for something...
Visitor: and we did have fun, because there was no rules
Google Blogoscoped Chat: could I use this chat as example on my blog post?
Google Blogoscoped Chat: oh ok
Google Blogoscoped Chat: i can also link to your page if you want to
Visitor: no pb for using this conversation
Google Blogoscoped Chat: wow thanks! i will update the post then
Google Blogoscoped Chat: do you have a blog/homepage?
Visitor: If u want to link my page, u can link my blog :
Google Blogoscoped Chat: ok, will do.
Visitor: i’ll do the same ! I didn’t know u’re site, it’s great
Google Blogoscoped Chat: well, enjoy your web-browsing, wherever it will lead you :)
Google Blogoscoped Chat: thanks!!!
Visitor: thnks also, see u !
Google Blogoscoped Chat: au revoir olivier
Visitor: au revoir :)

Synonym Map

[Synonym Map]

I created a Google Synonym Mindmap. The approach to get the Google synonyms is straight-forward. You start out with a seed, here “search”, and query Google for:

~search -search

This will get you the first synonym to search in bold letters (because we use the tilde-operator to find synonyms, and “search” itself is excluded via the minus operator). Here, that would be “finder”. You can exclude another word like this:

~search -search -finder

... to see the third related word in this group. You can do so until you either get zero results, or hit the 10 word-limit (which is when results won’t change anymore). You can then use a synonym of the seed word to create a new seed. For “finder”, the final result would be:

~finder -finder -directory -search -map -locator -find -planner -guide

Google Slashes Prices

“Google Inc., the Web search engine, on Wednesday slashed the price range on its eagerly awaited initial public offering to between $85 and $95 per share from $108 to $135 per share.”
Google Slashes IPO Price Range (Reuters), Aug 18, 2004

Random Blog

You can use the following URL (taken from the new Blogger Navbar) to be taken to a random, recently updated Blogspot blog:

Using this random redirect, it should be possible to write a script storing all URLs in a database.


This Google search helps to get you an idea of how many Blogspot blogs are out there (around 710,000, it seems): -inurl:html

(Using this search you could not grab all the data, as Google limits results to the first 1,000 pages.)


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