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Sunday, August 22, 2004

FindForward Amazon Short-cut


Thanks to an idea Dave Goodman mailed me, FindForward can now be used to link to items at Amazon – without actually having to search for the item at Amazon. The following three URLs should give an example of how you can use this when you mention a movie, book or album in your blog or elsewhere:

As you can see you just type followed by the medium (book, movie*, or music) followed by keywords which define your item (e.g. the title of an album, or the name of an author followed by the name of a book). You can use hyphens to separate single words, as shown above.

*When you choose “movie” it will look for both DVD and VHS; you can also write to just find DVDs, or to just find VHS videos.

The FindForward Amazon search (when choosing “Amazon” from the menu) has also been enhanced. You can now put “book”, “dvd”, “vhs”, or “music” in your search query to find results from this specific medium.

Note that since it’s my Amazon affiliate account performing the search, I will get a small percentage to whatever someone buys following the Amazon short-cut.

Update: Dave also provided a bookmarklet for this feature. Drag-and-drop the following links to the Internet Explorer link bar, then select text within a page – like the text Jaws – and click on the bookmarklet: Amazon Movie, Amazon Book, Amazon Music. (Does someone know how to make this work in Firefox?)

Gmail Suggestion Form


Nate points to Gmail’s new suggestion form in the discussion forum:

“In the Help Center, there’s now a form where you can check the top 5 things you want to see added to Gmail. I think this is interesting because we are able to see what the Gmail Team is thinking about adding to Gmail beyond what they say they’re working on.”

Here is the full suggestion list as Google provides it:



Bells & Whistles

Helpful Additions


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