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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Google Candy

Scott Niven explains why Google would dominate even the candy bar market.

Shared Interests

A good way to find other people online who share your interests is to query Google for the phrase:

“I (like | love) [artist/ album/ movie]”

For example the following:

“I (like | love) loudon wainwright”

... which would get the following snippet from Amazon:

“This is a great CD. I picked it up just because I love Loudon Wainwright but the style is quite different."

Tricks of the Trade

These are the very interesting Tricks of the Trade. [Via Gadgetopia.]



Draw some lines, hit “Done drawing,” and Scribbler will try to create art based on your work. [Via Kim Anton in the forum.]

Google Browser

“A Google Browser would give the Mozilla platform instant credibility and would be a big hit. The peerless Google brand & reputation and their huge reach are the keys here. Mom and Dad know about Google...if Google offered a browser that was as powerful and easy to use as their search engine and didn’t scum up their system, they’d download it.”
– Jason Kottke, The Google Browser, August 24, 2004

Google Understands Case

You think Google is case-insensitive, so it won’t matter wether you enter a query in upper-case or lower-case? Well, it turns out Google now does deliver different results depending on case. Take the following search as example; at the time of this writing, “auto” puts on top, whereas “Auto” favors

[Thanks to German Abakus for discovering this effect on]


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