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Thursday, August 26, 2004

German Duden Adds "Googeln"

The German Duden, our #1 authoritative dictionary, in its recent 23rd edition adds “googeln” as verb. “Googeln” is the German variant of “to google”. As this addition makes “google” an official part of the German language, it also furthers Google becoming a genericized trademark. Here are usage examples of the German “to google”:

This is the full entry in the Duden, emphasizing the difference between google as verb and Google as registered trademark (capital “G”, no verb preposition):

goo|geln (im Internet, bes. in Google suchen); ich goog[e]le; Goo|gle® [’gu:gl] ohne Artikel (Internetsuchmaschine)

[Thanks Markus.]

Feedster Sports

New covers the olympics in blogland.

Google Cartography

Google Cartography makes use of the Google Web API to build a visual representation of the interconnectivity of streets.

Tracking Memes in Google Groups

I just realized you can use Google Groups, along with date-delimiting search, to track the spreading of memes within Usenet. Take a look at how Waxy displays the “All Your Base Are Belong To Us" ideavirus. (Note that Google Groups does not offer an API, so unfortunately data must be screen-scraped for now.)

Announcing: FakeToday


We expect Big Media to tell small lies. Now get ready for Small Media to tell the big ones. I started a news journal with nothing but lies: RSS is available.

Googling Without Google

In case the Internet will go down today, as Slashdot warns, here’s some advice for all Googleholics:

“Grab some crayons, a cardboard sheet, and scissors. Write “Google” on the cardboard in several bright colors, and cut a rectangle in the cardboard. Hold the cardboard up, announce your search, and look through the hole. Hopefully your search results will be relevant.”

Search Engine Belt

Here is the Search Engine Belt Buckle. [Via Battelle.]

Google Store Redesign

The Google Store saw a redesign, as the Google Blog reports.


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