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Friday, August 27, 2004

Google Yahoo Comparison

Another site comparing Google and Yahoo search results, this one with two frames side-by-side. [Thanks Jean-Luc R.]

Memespread Analyzer

[Memespread Analyzer]

The new Memespread Analyzer will let you enter any keyword to track its Usenet popularity over time. For example, you can enter “Madonna” and select “1982”, and the Analyzer will visualize how much people discussed this from 1998-2003. Moving your mouse over individual bars shows the number of posts found in Google Groups. [Tool inspired by Andy Baio’s recent post.]

Blogs by Google Employees

Brian followed up to the blogs by Google employees and lister their RSS feeds. I collected them all together on a single page.

More Gmail Giveaways

Nate started a new round of Gmail giveaways in the forum.


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